“I struggled with depression and anxiety for as long as I can remember. I have had years of counselling and tried more than a few psychiatrists. I was on medication for half my life and my state of mind was getting worse. My friend told me about how she was able to get off her medication by using Breathwork so I figured I had nothing to loose. During the first session I knew that this was a big deal. I had some healing to do and Jules provided me with the tools, as well as a peaceful and safe space for this to occur. She is wonderful and I will forever be grateful for being led to her.” Dawn (Port Adelaide)

“Jules is a professional, gentle & loving person who helped me uncover insights about myself to move forward in my life in the ways I wanted to with my business & increased earning…
I like her beautiful ‘work’ space where I felt comfortable & safe to do my breathwork : )” Karen

“Phoenix Breathwork helped me so many times, Jules is a beautiful soul & very professional with a gentle approach. I recently had Reiki done and after a long time of intense pain in my shoulder & elbows, It was completely dissolved, It’s been a few weeks now & the problem hasn’t returned. I can STRONGLY recommend her services. Thank you Phoenix Breathwork.” Chris

“Knowing Jules personally prior to utilising her skills as a Breathwork Therapist made choosing her an easy decision.Jules is wise,sensible and extremely professional.My experience of Breathwork Therapy with Jules guidance was very positive,her consulting room is an environment that promotes relaxation and the strategies for ongoing management were achievable and helpful.I do wholeheartedly recommend Jules as a Breathwork Therapist.” Pat (Adelaide)

“I recently had my first reiki session with Jules. I didn’t know what expect, whether I would feel any benefit from it at all, but was ready to take a leap of faith and try. I was so glad I did. Jules made me feel so at ease, she was gentle, professional, and engaging and I felt very safe in the space. The energy I felt during the process was very powerful. Apart from feeling a beautiful warmth flow through me, the tension (and I hold a lot of it) just seemed to melt away. I felt more in tune with myself and had a heightened sense of self awareness. A truly magical and memorable experience.” Claire



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