About Jules

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Jules is a qualified Breathwork Therapist, Registered Nurse and Reiki II practitioner.

She is passionate about health and has dedicated her life to helping others achieve positive health outcomes.

Having worked for 25 years as a registered nurse in general medicine, community and mental health, coupled with 20 years of experience in Reiki and energy healing, she has gained a well-balanced understanding of both western medicine and holistic, alternative and complimentary health management paradigms.



Jules is a calm and gentle person who provides a safe and peaceful healing space for her clients.

She honours the fact that everyone’s journey is uniquely theirs and works with her clients with patience and compassion while they reach their own truth, unlock their full potential and move forward with clarity.


“Western medicine is excellent for treating traumatic and acute illness. However, I have observed that in regard to long term diseases (both physical and mental), modern medicines can have the effect of masking symptoms while the root cause remains obscured. Additionally, many medications will have negative impacts on body systems when taken long term.

This led me to seek out other health modalities, including Reiki energy healing, and I was elated to discover Breathwork, the mistress of all healing tools! In 2012, I completed my training as a  Breathwork Therapist and am still regularly astounded at the consistent impressive results Breathwork offers.

Breathwork operates at a cellular level to oxygenate every cell and system of the body. Not only does this have incredible physical health benefits, but it also clears the body of harmful energies that have become trapped in the body during times of stress. At the core of every symptom and disease are emotions which are held in our body and in our subconscious from intense life events. These energies can cause depression and anxiety and will continue to interfere with the healthy function of our bodily systems and lead to disease.

The great news is that these toxic energies can be easily and safely cleared with Breathwork and Reike, allowing the body to begin to heal itself. The human body has a far greater ability to regenerate than many of us are aware of and by using the breath we can experience rapid and positive enhancement to our health and well-being.” – Jules.

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