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We allow 3 hours for your initial appointment and 1 and a half hours for ongoing sessions. Your first appointment will  begin with an assessment, where we get to know each other and you will have the opportunity to talk about what is bothersome for you in your life.  Then I will teach you the connected breathing technique (don’t worry, its not difficult) and have you lay down on a mattress and coach you to breathe for about an hour. You will be unconditionally supported on all levels during your session. Dynamic music will be playing, designed to help shift energies and assist in the healing.

The connected breathing process produces deep healing. It is not uncommon to experience a tingling sensation in your body. This is the sensation of life force energy being activated. You may feel core temperature changes or pain in the various parts of your body where blockages have been held over the years. As they begin to shift you may feel emotions associated with them. Emotions that no longer serve you and the pain that they have caused will release together. I will be right by your side encouraging you to continue to breathe fully while this occurs.

After the cycle of release is over, you will relax into a peaceful, blissful state and you probably wont want to leave. You will be offered some high vibrational food to allow you to ground again and we will have time to discuss your experience and insights before you return into the world with a renewed vibration and clarity.

It is very important that you drink plenty of water a day or two before and after a session to assist in the cleansing and detoxification process.



After a quick assessment, I will ask you to lay on a massage table (fully clothed) while dynamic music fills the room. I will place my hands over you, administering reiki energy throughout your chakras and auric field. I will feel if there are areas needing more attention and will keep the my hands longer over those areas.

You don’t have to do anything other than lay there and enjoy your healing. Every healing is different. Sometimes you will feel warmth and tingles from the energy pulsating through you. Other times you might feel dreamy and sleepy. It is not uncommon to fall asleep, this is fine as it works on a deep energy level. You may experience rapid thought movement or surreal images and emotional release. You may also find that you can reconnect with the spiritual aspects of your life and self. This is all part of the healing process. The one thing that every healing does have in common is that it is always a deeply relaxing experience and people enjoy it immensely.

In the days following a healing, you may experience emotional states related to old patterns and belief systems as they lift away and clear. Try not to attach any meaning to these states. Just allow yourself to let them go.

It’s important to drink lots of water in the days prior to and following a reiki healing. This assists in the subtle cleansing and detoxification process that a reiki healing can trigger in your body, mind and spirit. It also helps you to ground.

Fees $80 for a 1 hour session

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