Phoenix Breathwork offers one-on-one Breathwork sessions, as well as Reiki healings, in Adelaide, South Australia. Please browse the information on this website via the menu above to learn more about the services provided, and don’t hesitate to get in touch to ask any questions or to discuss how these services can benefit you and your current life situation.

Natural life force energy is something that flows through all living things.

It sustains and nourishes our bodies and when the energy is flowing freely, our bodies are able to self heal and thrive.

Life trauma and stress cause blockages in our energy flow. This manifests in physical and emotional disease.

Breathwork and Reiki work in their different ways to bring universal energy into the body to displace blockages, thus restoring energy levels for physical, emotional and spiritual vitality. 


 The added bonus is a sense of deep relaxation and inner peace, clarity and wellbeing on all levels.

The process of healing begins here.


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